Thursday, June 5, 2014

MASTER ABUSER Compilation Track for Alzheimers

It's been a long time. I did a track under the project MASTER ABUSER for a benefit Compilation for the research and funding of aid in finding a cure/remedies/treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Please head over to their page and purchase. This is all for a good cause. Features tracks from Brutal Truth, Noisear, Stapled Shut and more. 

Visit their Facebook page (here)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Above/Reciklaje "Before We Die EP" Split 7 Inch

The record is coming out real soon. You can listen to the 7 Inch below. Stay tuned on  as well as here. There will be a post when the record is up for order on the website. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Giving everyone an update on what's going on. ABOVE recorded a song for a Compilation 7" a while back. The Compilation is entitled "Action For Animals: The Comp EP. International Punk Rock Benefit" We are on it along with a bunch of other bands throughout the world. We recorded a track entitled "Condemned By Fear" Below is a link to the Rotten to the Core Records Bandcamp page. Be sure to pre-order the Compilation!!!

"100% of all profits will be donated to P.A.F. (Pet Adoption Fund). P.A.F. is not only the largest non-profit no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles, but all of Southern California. They are located at 7507 Deering Ave. Canoga Park, CA. 91303 and can be reached through their website, "

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Above Recording

I have many different visions musically and I can only devote so much time into one project at a time. I've been working on a few different projects but have a hard time completing them due to being busy with everyday life. 

This coming weekend though, I will be recording a Split 7 Inch Vinyl with ABOVE. We're doing a split record with Reciklaje from Peru. We're recording four tracks and each track will offer a featured artist of our choice. Some of the artists I have worked with previously on other projects or close friends. More details on the release and recording coming soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Above Re-Release

The ABOVE Re-Release Cassette is up in the Beneath the Flame website. It's limited to 50 Copies. This is a project I've been working on since last summer.

You can purchase by visiting

Friday, January 18, 2013


It has been some time since the last update.

The next release for Sorrows will be another EP. It's entitled "Pursuit of Happiness." It's unsure of when this new material will come out as it's not fully written yet but it will be sometime this year. It's planned to have Pursuit of Happiness released on a 12" Inch Vinyl under the Beneath the Flame label. Sorrows has never been pressed onto Vinyl so this will be a big thing for me personally and hopefully fans will appreciate it as well. Sorrows has only been released on CD-R and Cassettes so far, so this is big.

Also, I'm currently working on a lot of side projects at the moment which is taking up the majority of my time. Beneath the Flame will be releasing all of the material I work on. Currently, you can hear one of my projects, ABOVE at  The demo was self-released and only 27 were made on Cassette. Beneath the Flame will be re-releasing the demo on Cassette sometime soon with new artwork. The new Artwork is being prepared at the moment. Currently, Above is also in the writing stage for a brand new 7" Inch Vinyl.

All projects I'm currently working on will be posted on here frequently so keep checking for updates.

Thanks everyone

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 2012

it has been a while since this page has been updated. Sorrows is alive and well. Thanks to everyone for their support. There are still some Sorrows/Graad split cassettes available at along with other goodies.

What is next for Sorrows?

It is unsure at the moment but songs are being written. Possibly a 7" EP? Maybe a few Compilation songs.

Any inquires please email